Xinsorb Scaffold accomplished its 50th implantations in Zhongshan Hospital2021-04-14

   A remarkable moment of Xinsorb Bioresorbable Scaffold for its over 50 implantations accomplished in Zhongshan Hospital.

         Special thanks to the team of cardiologists led by academician Junbo Ge for their support and assistance, and also to President Qian as well as all the other experts in Zhongshan hospital sparing their time for presenting the discussion tonight.

         Zhongshan Hospital was built in 1935, it is a major teaching hospital affiliated with the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University and was named one of China's "100 Best Hospitals" in 1999.

         With the strict evaluation of patients with indications, and adherence to the PSP principle of coronary stenting, Xinsorb guards every heart together with the angels in white.