Xinsorb Bioresorbable Scaffold enters Inner Mongolia2022-02-11

Congratulations to the new implementation of WEGO Xinsorb Bioresorbable Scaffold in the Chest Pain Center of Linhe District People's Hospital, Bayannur, Inner Mongolia.

     With skillful interventional techniques and rich surgical experience, Dr. Feng and Dr. Yan, the deputy directors, accurately implanted a Xinsorb Bioresorbable Scaffold into the patient's stenotic lesion and the angiogram showed that the narrowed blood vessel immediately restored blood flow.

      The Xinsorb Bioresorbable Scaffold implanted in the patient's body for a period of time can provide mechanical support to the narrowed coronary vessels and release drugs to prevent restenosis, after which it will gradually degrade and be completely absorbed by the tissue within 2-3 years without affecting the long-term vascular function.

       Xinsorb Bioresorbable Stents provide more options and space for the retreatment of future recurrences in patients with coronary artery disease.
       Xinsorb guards every heart together with the angels in white.